Thursday, November 1, 2007

Catching up

Dimon survived his first trip to the dentist on the 22nd, the day after he turned one! I don't want him to be that big! I will post pics asap. (my camera broke) But we had a great day and he got lots of new toys to wreak havoc with and drive us all crazy! But it was fun and he is the first of the 3 to smash the birthday cake into his own face... priceless.

Ok, so we went to Louisville this weekend and with no camera so the pics on here are from earlier this month, but we did manage to surpise Joe for his birthday on Sunday afternoon. I am very proud of Mel for keeping her mouth shut! Though I think that she is prouder, is that a word? We had a wonderful time i Louisville, we spent the first half of the weekend with Jen , Ferral and Ayden and no one died! Amazing!!!! It was great to see everyone and I promise as soon as I have them I will post halloween pictures, we must get the from grandparents..... I need a new camera! AHHHHH

Munchkin Wrestlers!
in other news, I know some of you know that I lost my laptop to an unfortunate accident. My son, whom I may add is still breathing and well, decided that my laptop needed a bath. And so while we were in Louisville the nice guys at PC Max were fixing my brand new laptop. (Thank you Dave n Lil! But I will post more after the kida are in bed and I have more Pics! Happy Halloween and Day of the Dead!
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