Sunday, August 3, 2008


JULY FOURTH- We spent the day at the docks with Andy's parents and Uncle Bruce. It was a blast. Uncle Bruce brought up 4 coolers of fresh shrimp and Crayfish. We chased Izzy and Xander with the Crayfish. They were frozen at that point, but they were still alive! Apparently they go into stasis, and we thawed them out to cook them. Really mean! But the shrimp were gone, and so just yummy. Xander pulled the whiskers off of one of them while it was asleep. AHHHH! Izzy held them a few times before they woke up, then when they started to move and after a few minutes of watching them she was brave again. Xander stuck his hand in the cooler of them all moving and liberated I think about 6 of them. They were happy and grateful I am sure. Dimon wanted to smash them, so we didn't let him touch to much. Izzy much to my surprise helped cook them. She just picked them up (with tongs) and put them in the pot. She was quite the little cook. Xan helped liberate a few cooked one as well. But we had a good time. We also fed the geese off the dock with Grammy's help (otherwise known as Chi-chi). Xan really liked that. Dimon was sleeping when we did that. But it was a fun day, and later that night we went to see the fireworks at the bypass with my parents. We had fun and we even inherited a chair that someone left at the fireworks. (Good thing too, because our Colts foldy chairs broke.

Next on the agenda was Tball for Izzy. It was only a 6 week thing, but it was twice a week and she had a blast. She went from being afraind of the ball being thrown at
her face, which her daddy hit her first time out! Right in the nose! Very sad. But she recovered by the end of the 6 weeks she was tagging people out and catching the ball with no fear! She has a great arm and can throw really far. She also has a decent hit. Xander and Dimon sat on the sidelines an cheered. They were really good the whole six weeks. here are some pics of them. Xan loved the mulch and pulling the bark off the trees. He also really liked the playground that was across the field. Dimon would fight to get onto the field to play with the balls. Imagine that Di wanted the tballs! So we spent a lot of time holding him. My fave picture of Xan is the next one of him playing with his stuffed animals. He would set them in the tree (an evergreen) and watch them bounce on the branch. It was too cute! Iz got a trophy at the end of the 6 weeks and she is so proud. She tells everyone with this cheesey grin that she won! We are very proud of her. Next on the list for her is soccer and Karate. ( I think) Xan will do another round of gymnastics ,and I think Di is going to start gymnastics as well. So it should be an exciting fall!

Next interesting thing on the list for catch up is my friend Jenrie. She came home from an archeological school in Montana to find the floor in her room ripped up down to the subfloor! It was insane and her lovely landlady says after 3 days of her being home and moving in with us "Oh my husband laid down a drop cloth on the floor so you should be able to put a bed in there now." Oh my gosh!!!!! So she is living with us till her new lease in her new place starts on the 15th. Its kinda nice to have another adult in the house. I'm gonna be in a lot of trouble when she leaves. We all have a lot of fun, though she may never have kids after living in our crazy house! Love ya Jenrie! The above picture is of us playing throw the ball with a sheet.

Xander's Occutpational Therapist, Scott moved away to work in Louisville. And so at the goodbye party A Sundae to Remember we took a couple of shots. Here they are! Xan is missing him alot, and he said his name for the first time that day. AHAHAHAH.

Lets see what else has happened this summer..... Oh we had kittens!Naru our lovable fuzzy> person (the smaller one) had 5 kittens. 4 white ones and one little grey tiger calico. These are the only pictures I have of them, not sure how that happened. they were playing in the dryer the other day and out came the camera!

The one to the right is the one we are keeping. He doesn't have a name yet. We'll let ya know.
I think that catches us up for now. Let me know if I missed anything! love ya all!

I have a sister!

Yes you read it right I have a sister. A big sister, I now get to claim Middle-child syndrome!!!! Just kidding. No her name is Amy and she is wonderful! Explanation... A long time ago before mom and dad met, my mom had a little girl that she gave up for adoption. Now she has found mom and all of us. Quite an amazing thing. She lives in Texas, and has 3 kids of her ownThere are some really weird coincidences, like funny enough she is a member of the church, a convert, just like mom! . Her husbands name is George, just like Dad (don't tell him I told you his first name!) She has the same taste in shoes as mom, and looks just like her! They even have the same mannerisms. Its freakish! But really cool! She came up in June for 4 days to meet us all, mostly mom. But she was really sweet and I really love her. I am proud to call her my sister. She came up and was subjected to all of us and she stayed! AHHHH. Maybe she is nuts! (Love ya Amy!) But she lasted 4 days with all of us and still talks to us. We can't wait to see her again.

<-- Look at this! They even sit the same way and have the same legs! Freakish!!!!


PICTURES TO CATCH UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gathering Feathers ------>and
Feeding Geese and Lake Monroe <-----Flooded. That thing in the back is the little gazebo roof! And Xander throwing popcorn.
Izzy at Gymnastics.

Izzy's Birthday Party Xander get that Pokeball! Dimon, I choose you!

Pillow fight!!!!!!!!!! Xannie Man! (Izzy vision) Escape!!! Run for the hills!

Xan watching smiling. My brothers keeper!!!! Retrieval!!!!

More to come......
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