Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Joys of a January cold....

So most of us parents lovingly refer to our children with beautiful terms of endearment such as "Sweetheart", "My Love", "Darling", "Bug", even the occasional "Pooh". I want to say right now that I say some of these myself as does my husband... however for the next few weeks they will lovingly be referred to as "Carrier Monkeys"!

Now anyone who has seen the wonderful movie "One Fine Day" will get that reference.. if you have not, I highly suggest it. It is in this dayquil, codeine laced cough syrup induced fog I find myself tonight. Now I was a good mom and took the cough syrup while my responsible still miserable feeling hubby was home so one of us could be the adult and make sure noone burned down the house. 

However tonight was also Scouts for Dimon, and Young Women's for Izzy, and swim time for Xander.  Which means at that magical time of 630 I am home alone with the baby! Not so bad... we were doing great, then we bonked heads while doing a puzzle and sneezed on each other. Ya... that was gross. Nothing like sharing snot with the 18 month old because she is trying to be independent by wiping her nose on you! But I digress... we were happily watching YouTube videos of 80's musical montages- Elle dancing the entire time - when Xan came home. (for those of who don't know, Xan has Autism and has a helper that comes twice a week and takes him to swim, he loves it!)- Well said helper left and so me, baby and Xan are here at home. Baby and Xan go running amuck through the house. Yes "Amuck, Amuck, Amuck!" I tell you! They were being super cute however it required me to move from my bed to the living room. So a dutiful mom I was and hauled my sick sorry butt off to the couch. 

This should have been plenty to divert disaster... any normal day yes. I would be alert and know what the heck was going on! But no.... codeine cough syrup is bad for the mommy, even when I took it 3 hours before being left alone with minions. But I was still happily involved in my 80' s montage musicals.

Since I wasn't feeling great when Xan made his own chicken patty I was thrilled because one he made it himself! That is huge! Second I could hear the microwave and knew exactly what he was doing. Third (with my head hung in shame I admit this...) I didn't have to get up again. Well this is where I failed. 

In my little happy music filled YouTube world with the baby running around I failed to notice Xan had stuck another one in the microwave. These things cook for about one minute... maybe a minute 30 if needed, I don't know how long it was in there... all i know is that I was called to the bathroom by Xan and when I stood up I saw the smoke!

Yes smoke!!! I was sure that microwave was on finre. I literally threw the baby on the bed and ran back to the kitchen, leaving Xan on the potty and sure the house was ablaze or soon would be. At the very least I knew the very loud very good smoke alarms were going to be set off. 

Five minutes later my house is filled with smoke, nothing is on fire... all kids are safe... but now in January in 19 degree weather the windows are open and fans are on.... all because of the stupid January cold!

I love my monkeys... they are my circus.
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