Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Belt...

Ok so now here is my new belt that I got tonight!!! Yes I was being goffy and she shot my picture, really need to quit being silly in pictures, but oh well at least my belt was tied correctly for once!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

We have a Patio!!!!!!!!! almost...

Look! Look! See what we have!!!! A brand new patio!!! Andy and I decided that we wanted to finally get a patio/deck in the back of the house and since money is tight we opted for a patio. We recycled the old walk way stones from Dave and Lil's house. They are about 2x2x 3 inches. These are not the new lightweight ones, that are about 30 lbs, no these are 40+ years old and weight close to 100 lbs, if not more. We placed little 2x6 inch paver stones in between them. They are a dark grey. In between all where every 4 stones meet there will be a little red block, just for a touch of color. Its about 16x9 ish feet and it is beautiful!! He did so good!! Andy started by digging out the ground and we dug about 6 inches down. Well first Andy broke up the excuse for a step outside our back door. Then we dug down. Ryan helped and so did Dad. Then we layed the wooden outline to block it in, then put down basically gravel dust called 1/4 minus... which is what is left over from when they make gravel, and the stuff compacts down to a consistency that is like almost cement and then we layed sand, then the blocks and pavers, then filled in the wholes, like grout with sand. It looks great!!!!!!!!!! Andy started this last Wed, and finished it up Saturday, now the only thing we have left to do is put in the little red blocks! I'll post more as we progress!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Izzy's Party

Ok so this is late too... but again just got the pics in the computer to work. (well finally hooked up the laptop instead of the desktop. My camera cord doesn't want to work, so I have to put the actual sd card in the computer, anyway...) Here is the background... We couldn't decide for Izzy's 7th birthday party what kind of party we wanted. We were going to do all these different themes then finally after much deliberation and much internet shopping and weighing the costs we decided on a Luau Party. It was awesome!!!
Andy built a Tiki bar, yes a Tiki bar where we set all the food and drinks. It even has a fan in the ceiling to cool off the person serving behind it. Dad and Ryan while cleaning an apartment found a set of unfinished cornhole gamey things, so we snagged Jenrie and she painted us 2 Tiki god heads on them, free hand I might add!!! Sick just sick!!!, Mom and I made the invites, mostly Mom, I just cut and glued. The kids ate (so did some of the parents, we had the trampoline obviously, the cornhole game- which the kids had teams. We had a Pinata, because we can't have a party without one, and a mega slip n slide. (2 of them put together going down the big hill to the right of our house. The kids spent most of the day doing that, so the other games were unneeded obviously, because what else do you need on a hot day other then candy, cake, hamburgers and a hose? Add the trampoline and you have some very hapy and tired kids, regaurdless of how much sugar you have just packed into them!!! Its a great thing. Oh and Andy and J also made a surf board and painted it, duh! you saw the pic.... anyway it was awesome. We had a total of about 15 kids come and go throughout the 1-4 pm time period. It was good. Izzy was happy and we had a blast and of course Andy got all kinds of compliments on his hut, of which I have no good pics at the moment so I will take one and post it later! This was her party with friends, Held on May 30th, her actual birthday we as a family, including Ti_Chi and Chi-Chi (Andy's parents) went bowling. And David pulled a muscle and was in a sling and physical therapy for the whole month of June! Izzy was very happy and had a wonderful birthday!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

ok so this is really late...

So here are some funny pics from Easter. Yes I know that they are really late and everything, but I just got the pics in a format to put up. so anyway here they are. the first few are of the coloring of the easter eggs, and we left them outside for the easter bunny to come and pick up.The picture of Dimon is after he has colored everything, including Nana! Yes you may laugh. It was funny! In fact let me find that picture... Needless to say that it was fun. We also painted the cat. Well one of the cats. We painted Admiral Snowbeard. For all of you who have not met our wonderful kitty, he is pure white and very loving and trusting. Which is why we were able to abuse him such. Papa and Andy decided that he should be festive, they even dipped his tail. I thinkg I have a video f that but hte computer has hidden it from me. So I'll post it when I find it. here are some really cute pics from Easter day. The top pic is when we were getting ready to walk out the door for church. the smiles on Izzy and Xan are priceless!!! Dimon we missed by a split second, he was chewing his eggo, but they are all still precious!! Since Daddy had to work we had to take lots of pictures for him, but I won't post them all, just the funnier ones. He didn't get any Easter candy until 730 that night, except the cookies that Izzy got from church and we took over to him right after church.

Anyway the big story of they day besides the visit from the Easter bunny was the kites. The EB brought Izzy, Xan, and Di kites. So we were flying them and Izzy's got eaten by that "Darn kite eating tree!" (see Charlie brown for the reference) Anyway Uncle Wayne braved the evil that is the kite eating tree and after about 10 minutes he liberated the kite and we went on our merry way and flew some more. It was a fun afternoon spent at Mom and Dad's house. We had a good time. Yea for the Uncles (Or Great Uncles, in more than one sense) who would brave the trees for their nieces and nephews!!! E

Monday, July 6, 2009

Andy was king fu fighting!!!

So Here is Andy being promoted from a white belt to a white belt with a yellow stripe! (I have one too, but we didn't get pics of that.) But I just wanted to share how proud we are of Andy!!! He loves it and so do Izzy and I. Its a blast and a great way to take out your anger. You actually get to hit and kick things!!! Its great!!!!!!!!!
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