Monday, February 17, 2014

I will wear my heart upon my sleeve

Our family has grown since last updating this blog 3 years ago. Since I am under no delusion that this is more a journal for myself and my family then anything else, I will keep my explanation short as to why i have been absent. simply put LIFE, happened. When last I left you we had just completed our first year in 4H and were getting ready for school.

Since then we have been involved in ATA Tae Kwon, DO, Special Olympics, Boy Scouts, 4H for 2 kids, Girl Scouts, various school (PTO) committees finding a new job for both Andy and I as well as adding a new little treasure to our lives. I think that covers it...maybe.

Life has not slowed down or gotten easier. In fact we are busier then ever, but I personally need this blog back and running. If nothing else for personal venting time. Whether I gain followers or not does not matter, I want to chronicle my little families journey through the world.

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