Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Here comes Santa Clause

The happiest, most wonderful day of the year has come and we just want to wish you a Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

FINAL GRADES!!!!!!!!!!!

Class Description Units Grade Grade Points

Sunday, December 14, 2008


In life we always know the moment we face a serious problem. Our heart rate increases, our eyes dilate, sweat pores go into overactive production, and best of all; we get that queasy feeling in the pit of our stomach. Many problems can cause this feeling like going on a blind date, having to give a public speech, being called to your bosses office, asking her to marry you, stepping into a ring with a professional prize fighter, milking a pissed off king cobra (my personal nightmare), telling your mother in law her new wall paper is really ugly (very touchy that one), apologizing to the other mother of the kid your 2 year old just bit (even if the little monster totally deserved it. little prick. push my kid down well now you have the brand to prove your actions bring about consequences. and another thing you little.... oops sorry! small rant), being the first guy in line to charge the front lines at Gettysburg (ouch, can we say fatal), and the worst one of all; TAKING A TEST!

In less than 72 hours Mindy will have taken three finals, 2 of which she must score a c or higher to pass. So at this time we are accepting prayer donations and the sincerely given "go get em girl's"offerings. Thanks for your long support and may we all meet in a better place.

i.e. graduation!

Friday, December 12, 2008

full moon discovery

Once a year the world is bathed in the light of the fullest moon of the year. On this special occasion a strange howl has been known to rise from the woods next to the Bartlett household. Ever the diligent student for adventure and scientific discovery, Mindy threw on her shoes and grabbed her camera. Past experience told her he was near. That's right! The full moon was upon her and once again the beast had risen. Through the night he prowled looking for the one who makes him howl. In the past there chance meetings had been fast and fierce. Only the heat of a hairy hands touch and a few scratches had she been given as proof of his existence, but tonight would be different. Tonight she would capture him in all his glory.

Without fear she strode out the door to meet her elusive lover. The light of the full moon gave the frost covered ground an eerie, almost dreamlike quality. In a trance Mindy stood at the edge of the walk, starring into the woods. Suddenly another howl sliced through the night, sending shivers through her scantly clad shoulders. Grasping the camera like a weapon, Mindy felt her heartbeat increase to a higher tempo. He was coming. Mindy stood ready.

Several minutes passed and the night stood still. Mindy began to worry he had already passed on. Maybe she had waited to long and missed him. Behind her a dog howled and Mindy jumped around behind her in fright. Stupid dog! She had been listening so intently the noise had completely surprised her. Her heart beat was so fast it sounded like two beats at the same time. Funny that she thought there were two beats. Suddenly she realized there were two beats and the second one was getting stronger. Turning around quickly, she saw something rushing up the hill towards her. In fear she stepped back, tripping over a limb in the yard. She fell screaming in fright and the camera flashed once.

Braced for the impact of the ground Mindy found herself floating inches from the cold grass. He had caught her. Quickly she felt herself whisked off her feet and carried into the woods. Again the fullest moon of the year had reunited them. The night was warm and filled with the sent of him. All the elements answered his call and again Mindy revelled in the magic of his embrace. In bliss she sank into darkness.

As the sun rose, Mindy woke to find herself in bed. She was dressed in a gown of leaves and dried dirt. On the table next to the bed sat her camera. It was dirty, but intact. She had been tucked in and her stuff had been carefully laid out. He was gone once again.

But had the camera captured her lover...................?

The Tree

So this year I remembered that the tree needed to be 8 feet tall. The first picture is of the tree in the distance highlighted with the headlights of the truck. Yes it was dark by the time we got our tree. Then there is Andy and Izzy standing next to the tree as it gets shook to pieces.That is Xander after picking out the tree, he hates clothes and the jacket was all I would let him shed. Then pood Dimon never even got out of the truck. he fell victim to the sandman as we pulled into tree farm, all dressed up and no where to go. Poor Dimey....

Guess what? 8 feet still touches the ceiling.....! And Andy beheaded the tree, he claims he only gave it a hair cut, but we all know how eveil those werewolf men are! He beheaded it!

And no, Izzy's not mad, she's posing.....
watch the tree grow fat and get lights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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