Thursday, January 24, 2008

Crazy Dr. Joe!

So we went to Louisville this weekend and saw Joe and Melanie. We left on Friday, and actually got out of town without any mishaps! We even left on time! Imagine that, we left on time, and we got there on time! Mel was shocked! In fact she had planned for us to be late and so planned accordingly to clean up before we got there. When I talked to her just outside of Louisville she was flabbergasted that we were so close. I discovered something, its kinda fun to do that to Mel, it doesn't happen much.

So Friday we just kinda hung out and waited for Joe to get home from work. We did go to Chili's for dinner without him, but we brought him home some ribs as a peace offering. He was happy, but tired. So we watched TV and played guitar hero before calling it a night at like 1230am. Then on Saturday we went to Elizabeth town to see Dr. Joe. Apparently for all those who did not know I am blind and should be wearing my glasses all the time. But of course I don't. So Dr. Joe will continue to yell at me just like everyone else who knows. (Now my whole family.) So we spent most of the day in the office, we should have taken a picture, but for some reason we didn't. Although Mel did discover a wonderful candy store across the road from Joe's office.

Then on the way home we were introduced to the most wonderful Pie shop. they have the yummiest stuff ever! You'll have to ask Mel what the name is because neither Andy nor I could find it again if we wanted to. We also went by to see Mel's office. Here is a small clip of her hole, in the trailer, with the fake brick. I really wish I had taken a picture of the outside because at first it really does look real, but its not, and we find it very amusing. Anyway, her office is cute although they can't hang anything yet, because they have to put a work order in for someone to do it. Gotta love gov't! But she has these funny little singing frogs in her office and below in addition to seeing the office you can experience the frogs! Oh and he psycho plant that we say if being fed by the formaldehyde.

Anyway, later that night after Joe got home and gave me my new glasses, which make me able to see much better now. We went to PF Changs. Which is amazing!!!! Out front they have replicas of the Terra cotta army horses and on the buzzers are pictures of the army! So cool for a history geek like me!

But really the food was amazing! I have not idea what anyone of us had but we all had really good stuff and Andy even got to eat shrimp for the first time in 5 years! Which I know made him happy.

I know Mel had orange peel shrimp, Joe had some kind double fried noodles, Andy had Mongolian Beef, and I had Moo Go Gui Pan? Maybe, I'm not sure. I know where it was on the menu so I can find it again. Or pray someone else remembers. Then we went home and watched direct tv and played games. Oh ya! Mel and I had to run to Wal Mart! Oh no! we could not go all weekend without visiting a wal-mart. Lord help us all. Then Sunday we were going to go to church, but just didn't quite make it. And by the time we were all functioning it was time to get ready for the show. It was at 1 o'clock.

Now of course we had to be running a little behind for the show. So we were doing really good till we hit stupid people 3 blocks from the theater. They were all just sitting in a very long, long line at the stoplight. People in Kentucky do not know how to drive at all! So we went around them and pulled into the first garage we saw.2 blocks from theater. Not the best time for me to be wearing brand new heels! Its like 2 degrees outside and we walked 2 blocks, that seemed much more like 50 to the theater and had just enough time to run to our seats. They were good seats too! Dead Center in the Grand tier (balcony, mid way up in the theater.) Right where we could see the chandelier fall and everything! I forgot how different the stage play is from the movie, so if you ever get a chance go and see the original! It is amazing to watch the costume and set changes. The candles even come out of the floor.
After the show we went home and had spaghetti, because after 40 minutes of waiting we left the Old Spaghetti Factory. Long story, not a happy one! But we had a good dinner and played the rest of the night at home. Now comes the debuet of "Crazy Joe!". A mix of Southpark, pie, and a side of Joe most of us didn't know existed. Including Mel! Hit play below....

If you listen carefully, you can hear Andy singing the closet song from the ever so famous Southpark episode with Scientology and Tom Cruise. It was a great weekend.

Below is a link to at least 1/2 of the episode of southpark fast forward it to 5:15 to hear the song we were making fun of. It has Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Nicole Kidman, and R. Kelly. Really funny, do not let little kids be near the computer when you are viewing anything on southpark. It is not munchkin proof. But this song is really funny and will anwser many questions. Kids might find it funny, but there is some bad language. Love you all!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

1 in 4 huh?

SO... what happens when there aren't any that seem ok??

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Chocolate... what kind are you?

You have to check out this website! It is so cool! It is a little quiz that tells you what kind of chocolate you are. I am.. surprise surprise....

THE CHOCOLATE ROMANTIC (mindy frighteningly accurate)
You’re a dreamer, who often retreats to your own world. You believe in true love and the healing power of beauty. You love sad books and movies, but then again, you love happy books and movies, too. You’re introspective, tender and caring. Face it, you love a chance to have a good cry. When it comes to chocolate, the packaging is just as important as what’s inside.

CHOCOLATE-ANY-STYLER (andy lies all lies all lies)
You’re an exuberant lover of all things chocolate, from bars and candy to desserts. Chocolate is both a treat and a pick-me-up. It might be said that you’re a bit more enthusiastic than discriminating. In general, you’ve got a serious sweet tooth. You’re fun, warm, and love a party. You’re non-judgmental and open to new things and new people. If it looks like chocolate, you’ll eat it.

So what is yours?

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Christmas! All of them...

Well I know that I am really late at posting this but we had some time constraint and so now here is Christmas Photos and stuff....
Christmas at the Brumfield's ( Mindy's cousin's on her mom's side)
This Christmas was held on Dec 21st so we could all be there. We had a blast, the kids played all day long and loved all the toys they got! Chris and Christy have this one room in the house that is the play room and its just a cement room that has all kinds of goals and sports equipment and the kids could draw on the walls. It was great. I want one of these rooms!
Xander was a little overwhelmed but we did get him to open one present, then he ran. Izzy and DImon on the other hand were all to eager to open every one's gift for them. I think the best one was from Aunt Eleanor, she wrapped one of Izzy's gifts ( a pillow/muff lion) in a vodka box that has this weird looking I-Robot kind of thing on the front and we couldn't convice Izzy to open it because she thought the box picture was what it was. To funny! We love going North to see the family. And plus everyone really enjoys getting together and seeing how much everyone has grown.
Izzy is the only girl on this side ( in this age group)
and so she struggles to keep up with Liam and Clay who are near 10, (they were mine and Andy's ringbearers), and Ethan who I think is 7. (Sorry Ethan I can't remember!) But she does pretty good, she can definelty give them a run for their money on most things. Izzy's favorite gift was a pink guitar, Chris at one point came running into the house asking for a camera b/c she was rockin and playing in the yard. By the time we got there she had quit. Xan'der's favorite is a little lamp that has LIghtning McQueen, from cars on it. And Dimon's is his little musical farm taht lts him change the animals and mix and match and sing to him. He just loves it! Drives us all crazy because we are constanly steeping on animal parts, but it is really cute to watch him dance as he carries it around the house.

Above- Ethan, Liam, Clay Izzy
Below- Lindsay then Ethan

Izzy after the scary box and found the lion!

Christmas Eve- at Grandma Pete's house (Great Grandma Pete to the kids, Larry's Mom)
This side of the family is my dad's side and they are all a little laid back. This year there weren't as many of us and so it was kinda small. Really unusual, since I have 30+ people on this side, but we have fun none the less.

(<- Aunt Jane & Uncle Wayne above is Aunt Bev)

We had a good time. Because the family is bigger on this side we only buy for one person, Grandma (which we are told not to do, but we all do anyway.), and for our kids.
Just a side note here, My Grandma Pete is the most AWESOME person ever! She will be 93 this year and she still plays with all the little kids. She works and drives, and not the typical old lady driving. She can haul! But she is the best Grandma ever!
Anyway, Xan's best toy of the night was his slinky. Did you know that the box on a slinky has instructions! Who does not know how to work a slinky, but apperntly there are people who have no idea as to how to work a slinky! The world never ceases to amaze me. Izzy's favorite was a set of puzzle blocks that make all kinds of different designs. At the moment I can not remember what Dimon liked the best.

We had fun watching everyone unwrap their gifts. Here are some more pics from that night... above is Xander and Grandma Pete.
<-Uncle Kenny and Sue,

Below is Drew, Aunt Carol & Xan

Then came Christmas Morning! This is the kids walking pout and finding all that Santa has brought. Remember this is at Larry and Marie's house, thus all the room and presents... and thats out story and we're sticking to it!

Then Christmas Day (Eve) With Dave, Lillian, and Uncle Bruce and Nana, Papa and Uncle Ryan

This is Bruce unwrapping his movie, which we put in a lovely Victoria Secret's bag. THen Dave and Lil unwrappng thier T-Shirts. Lil's said "Do you want to speak to the Dr, or the Nurse who knows what is going on?" and Dave's had a bunch of little toads on it that said "Toadal Chaos"
And Dimon taking everything in stride. Gotta have that bottle, its been a long long day! Then there is Xan and Nana opening Xan's toolbox full of toys and fun prizes. Then there is Uncle Bruce attacking, or Xander attacking, Not real sure who won that battle. But someone did and Bruce said that his back was much better. Xan is a very good chiropracter I guess.

And we get to do it all again on the 26th with our 5th Christmas!
<-Amanda, Andy's cousin, and Dimon

Paul, Andy's cousin. Being attacked by Isabelle=>
This Christmas was held at Nanny's house. nanny is Andy's paternal grandmother. (Dave's mom) Its is a really nice little condo that is so not kid proof. We jokingly call it the glass house. Because there is crystal and glass and vases and just all kinds of fragile things that are within munchikin reach. Which you can imagine does not always end well. But we had fun. Izzy's highlight was trying to kill Paul. He was really great, he jumped and played and wrestled with her. It was cute to watch.
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