Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm sorry....... did you say ten year reunion

That's right folks. this Saturday the 26th of july Mindy and I are going to our ten year reunion. Yes I said the R word. Oh ye great holy spirit please look over these poor lost souls as the re-enter the high school years. Help them to forgive those cruel mocking jerks who sholld have joined each other in hel.... er... heaven and to fill there responses with forgiving docile tones instead of the ear blistering bashings they so rightly have earned. Ten years not only builds time for one to learn to forgive, but allows us special homicidal types to practice our 'maybe you were'nt so bad after all!' speech as we stand over the burlap sack with a stone tied to it. Oh Don't make that face. I'm sure its the way they would have wanted to go anyway. So far about half our class has rsvp'd for this weekend so it seems mindy and I will get to do some traveling soon. It would just be wrong not to use the extra stones we picked out for there friends. We could stand on the bridge and give the 'so long' speech just once, which considering the current price of gas, makes us model green citizens. It looks to be an evening were we will see a lot of people mindy liked and maybe a soul or two I held an inkling for as well. It will be funny to see how many of them are weirded out by the fact that we ended up married. It should be a good time.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Playing catch up....

Ok so the reason there hasn't been anything meaningful about us on the blog lately is because of time constraint and caziness at the house. So we'll start with the End of May, beginning of June and go from there. Pictures will come up later, seeing as how my cord to download pics is at Joe and Mel's.

May 27th,

We have kittens!!!!!!!!! Naru finally popped! There are 5, 4 whites and 1 grey! Too cute!

May 31st 2008- Izzy's Birthday Party

Izzy had her 6th birthday on June 9th, but we had her party for all her firends a little early since school let out so early this year and we didn't want to risk the kids forgetting about it. So we planned a Pokemon Party and had a blast. We played Pin the tail on Pikachu (thanks to Audrey for draing the Pikachu!) We had a pinata that Andy painted to look like a pokeball, the thing that you keep Pokemon in when they are resting. We had ringtoss to catch a Pokemon and a waterballon fight, jumping on the trampoline with the hose on and all kinds of fun. The kids were great and Izzy had a blast with her friends. It was great, and the house was the cleanest its been since I don't know when. So thank you to all the Grandparents who came as backup adults and to all the kids for having a good time.

June 11th? or so

Summer session started for me. SO after a 6 week break Im' back in school. I have Spanish 200, Finite Math, and Introduction to the New Testament. Yea rah! Doesn't seem to bad at the momment. Oh yeah, I also have my "intership" for credit at the Museum.

June 20th

Ok I lied! Spanish sucks and Math sucks even more! Plus I have to fight my way into the math class. after waiting out the waiting list and getting my little permission paper signed by the teacher, who by the way is an idiot! I was told that I had to appeal to be let into the class because apperently you are only allowed to take so many hours in a summer session and with my practium at the museam, I am over the limit of 10 hours. AHHHHHH! So i am going to take my first test and see how I do, If I don't do so well I will just take it in the fall, if I do well, I will fight my way into class.

June 30th

Kids started school, summer school that is. They seem to like it and they are doing very well. The only downside is that school starts at 815 am, so the bus picks them up at 745 am, and we all know how well these kids do in the morning with waking up.... Its getting there.

July 4th

We spend on the boat docks with Andy's parents and Uncle Bruce. (and Cousin Ashley and her boyfriend.) There was a dock party and Bruce had brought up 4 coolers worth of seafood. 2 full of huge shrimp, and 2 full of crayfish (crawdads, for all us hoosiers). IT was kinda mean, the crayfish were frozen and so in statis, and we thawed them out, and threw them in boiling pots of water to cook. Seems really mean to me. Though Izzy thought it was cool. But yes when we first opened the coolers I did chase her around the dock with a frozen mini-lobster. By the end of the day she was picking them up, with tongs, and putting them in the bowl and delivering them to Uncle Bruce for cooking. She was quite the little helper. Xander liberated about 6 live ones into the lake, and about 7 cooked ones. He had no fear, and in fact he pulled off the antennas of one that was still in stasis, I didn't know they were still alive at that point, and when I found out I felt really bad. Dimon thought they were cool to watch, but really just wanted to splash in the water of the cooler. He did stick he had in the cooler of waking crawfish right after Xan let some go. We had a blast and everyone laughed when one tried to touch me and I screamed like a little girl, it just caught me off gauard cause I don't think they were awake yet!!!!!!!!!! Yeah just laugh its ok.
Later that night we went to see the fireworks off the bypass just like we do everyyear with my parents. The kids loved it, though they kinda bother Xan's little ears. Izzy wouldn't sit still long, so we spent a good amount of time telling her to sit and not get to far away, and telling Dimon the same thing. IT was fun.

July 5th
So my friend Jenrie came home from Montana, she was at a archeological field school and found that her landlady had ripped up the flooring in her room. Not just the carpet, but down to the subfloor. So we kidnapped her and she is now living in Izzy's room until her new place is available. Its fun, I've not had a roommate since Jenni lived with me in VU. We're having fun. The kids like her and love to jump on her and invade her personal bubble.

I promise I will post pics asap.
So that is the short version for now.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How Cute are these little guys?!?!?!

This is for those that haven't seen the 16 baby pandas.SICHUAN,China-- One zoo in southwest China has its hands full with 16 baby pandas.

The Sichuan Wolong Panda Protection and Breed Center is dealing with the results of a breeding boom where 16 pandas have been born.

The brood includes five sets of twins.

The cubs are weighed and measured every five days (see pics)

The heaviest tips the scale at just over 24 pounds, while the lightest weighs about 11 pounds.

The pandas are due to stop suckling soon - just about the time they'll start learning to walk.

Once weaned, the panda cubs will attend panda kindergarten.

In the meantime, more little ones are expected at the centre since 38 giant pandas were artificially impregnated.
I had to share these guys! I want one. They can barley walk!!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

just for fun

yes we know we are nuts!


This is why people need to have permits to buy a camera.

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