Friday, February 22, 2008

Mother nature has a temper tantrum

So I know this is late in posting this but oh well. During the last few rounds of storms mother nature decided that she hated out stuff. Our backyard was a playground for any passing wind to plop trash in or little gremlins to steal stuff away. But the worst was the temper tantrum the wind threw at our trampoline! Oh my gosh!~!!!!!

This is prior to any snow of course so now the trampoline looks even worse. But this picture is after we flipped it back over the fence. It was laying on its side in the trees behind the house. Now it is just sad! And of course we can't buy a new one because homeowners insurance doesn't cover trampolines carried away by the wind. Figures huh?

1 comment:

Joe & Mel's Blog said...

Man, and I never got to jump on it!! What a rip off

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