Sunday, March 30, 2008

The New Bartlett Quest

Yesterday we went and signed up for weight watchers. Both Andy and I. We are determined so soon we will feel and look a lot better than we do right now. I have done weight watchers once before and it worked really well, I lost 15 lbs pretty quickly, then life got hectic and I stopped going. So hopefully, no not hopefully, this time I, we will stick with it and attain our goal. Which right now is 20 lbs for me, and 30 for Andy.

We are using the Flex plan, which is where you count the points, and I never realized how depressing that can be when you really want a girl scout cookie, of which I have 5 boxes! I can only have 2 cookies at a time and they are 4 points of my 27 for the day! Yesterday was a hard day for me. Thankfully, walking around walmart and chasing Xander down a few aisles at a full speed run helped earn me 1 cookie! AHHHH! The hardest thing right now is trying to decide what to eat, because there are all kinds of fruits and veggies that are little or no points, but of course you all have seen my very high carb diet and I don't want those things, so already on the 2nd day I am struggling. But I Will make it.. I have to, I really want to be able to wear my old clothes again. (Size 9) That is the first half of the quest. The second half is to get the kids to follow the new eating regimn. Which, let me tell you is not easy. They are just as picky, if not more than me, and that is hard to do. If it doesn't smell right, Xander won't eat it. If it is new, Dimon won't eat it, and I have'nt figured Izzy's out yet, however if you put something on her plate that looks, smells or tastes bad, she will eat everything else on the plate, even if she professes not to like it, just to avoid that one other thing. Kinda funny. So wish us luck!

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