Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend in Louisville

Ok so I know that this happened the first weekend of the month. But Oh well ....

So we went to see Jeff Dunham, the really funny comedian who had the puppets Achmed the Dead Terrorist, Walter, and Peanut! Thank you so much Mel and Joe! (Who bought the tickets and treated us to a great evening!!!!) We had such a great time because first of all you can't beat laughing for 3 hours straight! and plus it was Derby weekend and so Andy and I got to go to the waterfront the next day and just hang out.

I'm going to make Andy do the review of the show, (he has a better memory for jokes and it was hilarious!

(He will get this done asap!!!!)

It was fun because it was very much like a fair atmosphere! There were concerts, and really bad food and vendors. It was great! Then we walked downtown to the Frazier International Museum, which is one of the coolest places ever!!!!
To the right is a picture of Andy standing next to the Belle of Louisville the steamer on the River Front. Just after we took this picture it started raining and we took off running for shelter. From there we walked in the rain to the museum!

This is one of the best Museums ever! (If you are a History nerd like me and Andy that is) The third floor was the Royal Armory from a partnership with the British Museum, I want to work there~! The 3rd floor is nothing but a huge collefction from all my favorite periods of time, Medieval. The 2nd floor takes you on the American tour of arms as well as the special exhibits. Which in this case happens to be the Wreck of the Henrrietta Marie which was a slave ship. Very cool place! Loved it will be going back ASAP!

The next day was Saturday and Joe had to work, but Mel was off. So she took me shoe shopping! That should be illiegal for me to do, because I see way to many things to buy and I was good I only bought one pair. Record for me! Then Sunday we just hung out an played Rock Band, which I will never sing agian, because I have never heard the real version of any of these songs!!!!!!!!!!!!

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