Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm sorry....... did you say ten year reunion

That's right folks. this Saturday the 26th of july Mindy and I are going to our ten year reunion. Yes I said the R word. Oh ye great holy spirit please look over these poor lost souls as the re-enter the high school years. Help them to forgive those cruel mocking jerks who sholld have joined each other in hel.... er... heaven and to fill there responses with forgiving docile tones instead of the ear blistering bashings they so rightly have earned. Ten years not only builds time for one to learn to forgive, but allows us special homicidal types to practice our 'maybe you were'nt so bad after all!' speech as we stand over the burlap sack with a stone tied to it. Oh Don't make that face. I'm sure its the way they would have wanted to go anyway. So far about half our class has rsvp'd for this weekend so it seems mindy and I will get to do some traveling soon. It would just be wrong not to use the extra stones we picked out for there friends. We could stand on the bridge and give the 'so long' speech just once, which considering the current price of gas, makes us model green citizens. It looks to be an evening were we will see a lot of people mindy liked and maybe a soul or two I held an inkling for as well. It will be funny to see how many of them are weirded out by the fact that we ended up married. It should be a good time.

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