Sunday, August 3, 2008

I have a sister!

Yes you read it right I have a sister. A big sister, I now get to claim Middle-child syndrome!!!! Just kidding. No her name is Amy and she is wonderful! Explanation... A long time ago before mom and dad met, my mom had a little girl that she gave up for adoption. Now she has found mom and all of us. Quite an amazing thing. She lives in Texas, and has 3 kids of her ownThere are some really weird coincidences, like funny enough she is a member of the church, a convert, just like mom! . Her husbands name is George, just like Dad (don't tell him I told you his first name!) She has the same taste in shoes as mom, and looks just like her! They even have the same mannerisms. Its freakish! But really cool! She came up in June for 4 days to meet us all, mostly mom. But she was really sweet and I really love her. I am proud to call her my sister. She came up and was subjected to all of us and she stayed! AHHHH. Maybe she is nuts! (Love ya Amy!) But she lasted 4 days with all of us and still talks to us. We can't wait to see her again.

<-- Look at this! They even sit the same way and have the same legs! Freakish!!!!

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Amy Roots said...

I love you too Mindy! Thanks for sharing your wonderful family with me. You'll never know how much it meant to me. Give the kids a hug and kiss from me!


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