Sunday, December 14, 2008


In life we always know the moment we face a serious problem. Our heart rate increases, our eyes dilate, sweat pores go into overactive production, and best of all; we get that queasy feeling in the pit of our stomach. Many problems can cause this feeling like going on a blind date, having to give a public speech, being called to your bosses office, asking her to marry you, stepping into a ring with a professional prize fighter, milking a pissed off king cobra (my personal nightmare), telling your mother in law her new wall paper is really ugly (very touchy that one), apologizing to the other mother of the kid your 2 year old just bit (even if the little monster totally deserved it. little prick. push my kid down well now you have the brand to prove your actions bring about consequences. and another thing you little.... oops sorry! small rant), being the first guy in line to charge the front lines at Gettysburg (ouch, can we say fatal), and the worst one of all; TAKING A TEST!

In less than 72 hours Mindy will have taken three finals, 2 of which she must score a c or higher to pass. So at this time we are accepting prayer donations and the sincerely given "go get em girl's"offerings. Thanks for your long support and may we all meet in a better place.

i.e. graduation!


Joe said...

And now your mind should be clear as to why we were never around, nor did we socialize while that little blessed event of finals week was upon us! Just remember to sit back, relax, and breath deeply once in a while to help clear the mind. Good luck Min, we know you will do it!

aroots1 said...

Well? Did you survive? Do tell!
Pullin' for ya!


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