Monday, February 9, 2009

Dimon at gymnastics!

So I finally was able to take some pics of Di at Rising Star Gymnastics. SO here they are. SOme of them are foggy because of the glass, so it made them a little strage. Oh well... the first one is of him doing his back rolls, albeit with some- ok a lot of assistance. Then here is Andy trying to convince him to hold onto the rope swing, he did eventually do it, but he was laughing so hard he only held on for a minute. Dimon is the only kid in the class, so its like a private lesson once a week. Its great and magical!!!!!!! He does have fun, even if he is a little snipe through a good part of it. But its fun and good for us too. Then there is the somersault practice pic. I missed the action shot and only got the little layout position grin from him! His instructor was cracking up at his antics.

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