Friday, July 2, 2010

Chicago!!!! Train and Field Museum

So our trip to Chicago was a blast! We went the second week of June, so yes this is late getting posted. First day we Field Museum, which was super fun! We stayed in Elmhurst which was just a train ride away from downtown. (about 30 minutes.) Dimon was thrilled to finally ride a train.The first group pic is from the train station in Elmhurst! We wandered through the museum until it closed and I rediscovered my inner geek! I know a lot of random information! It was awesome. Of course the picture of the day is here with mom and dad standing next to the big "life on earth began..." We saw robotic dinosaurs that we still can't convince Di that they were not really real, he kinda gets it, but he isn't sure we are tricking him. I can't imagime why he thinks we would do something like that. Xander loved the dinos as did Dimon. I think it was their favorite part. Looking at the bones they loved, and we saw Happy Feet (part of it) in 4D and watched a movie on how Sue the Trex would have grown up. We saw the baby mammoth that they found in Russia, and who is totally preserved! I'm such a nerd, it was awesome!!! The kids loved it. We loved the grandparents loved it, and the Uncle loved it. Life is good!

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