Friday, December 7, 2007

8 feet is enough?

So we went Christmas Tree Hunting this past weekend, and as usual picked a huge tree out of the clearnce field. I think it was maybe 10-11 feet tall, probaly more. The picture to the left is our tree prior to trimmiming. Then there is how muych we had cut off.

OK, I'll take the blame this year for the tree. It is huge!!! Not that this should surprise anyone. Last year Andy had to take the blame for the tree, this year the fault is mine.

However it is very pretty and no one was complaining when I said make it 8 1/2 feet tall just in case. No I only hear about it once we get home and it hits the ceiling! I never claimed that I was good at estimating height, and if Andy had not opened his mouth at church then I would not be admitting to this, however since he told Ted Maxwell and Israel already knew, I'm pretty much having to cop to it.

Anyway we had a great time running around in the 29 degree weather, as you can see everyone was bundled, but we had a great time. Xander especially loved running between Papa and us, except for the time that he caught his leg in a twisty, throny vine, and being the intelligent person I am stepped on it and tried to pull him out. Needless to say that did not end well. I got him out after a minute or two of tugging and he screamed and ran, as I truend I realized I had just traded places with my son!

But we eventully chose the tree and had it cut down and wrapped and put on the car. It took 3 guys to get it on the top of the van!

Plus we looked like tourist with our camera. Oh well, luckily the owner remembers that I worked there one year making garlands. That was a very cold job. We had a great time and everyone had popcorn and hot cider (the boys had water) while the tree was being shook and wrapped.

Once we got home and got it in the house (Thank you Israel!) we started taking the wrapping off and Xan just thought that those vertical lines were the best thing ever! And Izzy got her little journal out and had to take notes and draw. Dimon just sat back and watched the show. We are now in the process of decorating, right now we have lights. I think that is all that is going up tonight. So here ends the tree saga, for now. (It's not bending at the top to much. Is it?)

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