Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Oh my gosh! It's December

When did that happen????? This has been such a crazy month, and there seems tube no end. I only have a few minutes so here is the movie that I am so very proud of. I did this for my French project. Happy Holidays!!!

Also here are some fun things to look at. The first is an amazing thing tht was on Melanie's site, sorry Mel had to steal it. It is so funny, you'll love it.


This next one are a couple of clips from Jeff Dunham's shows . These are hilarious and you'll love them. The 1st one is a link to Achmed the Dead Terrorist which is so funny and I love this skit!


The next one is Peanut and is my favorite of Jeff Dunham's puppets!

And last but not least Bill Cosby on Grandparents, this is for ne and Andy's parents.


Enjoy for now.

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