Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Movie Heroine

So I got this fun little quiz for all my girlfriends....

Which Movie Heroine Are You?
Scarlett makes no apologies, and Dorothy likes home. Ilsa is loyal, Erin Brockovich is brazen, and Ripley kicks butt. While each made film history for a different reason, these classic film heroines all share one key attribute - they know what they want and aren't afraid to go for it. So, sister, the question for you is: Which movie heroine are you? Click here to take the Sisterwoman quiz!

I am .....
Erin Brockovich

Like the main character in the eponymously named Erin Brockovich, no one will ever get the better of you. Smart, tough-talking, obsessive, determined, feisty. When it comes to fighting what’s right, you’re always on the front lines. Sometimes your looks lead people to believe you’re just a pretty face. But after they’ve seen you in action, they know you will fight for what’s right, even if it means making great personal sacrifices.

and I am not sure how to feel about this.... let me know what you think.

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Joe & Mel's Blog said...

Not sure how that fits you. Part of it is good, but there are some parts that definitely don't work.

I'm Dorothy Gale - surprise surprise! Perhaps the most famous home body of all time, Dorothy travels to Oz and back to find that the greatest treasures in life can be found in your own backyard. Like the heroine of The Wizard of Oz, you are independent, smart and feisty, but also like Dorothy, you find joy in life’s simplest pleasures. You have many friends to whom you are fiercely loyal, and you’ll drop everything to help them. But you also do a good job of taking care of yourself and aren’t afraid to take on bullies and, yes, a witch or two.

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