Friday, August 28, 2009

McCormicks Creek

So on July 31st we went to McCormicks State Park. It was a blast. the whole goal was to hike to the Waterfall. Well they have made it much easier to get to now. There is a stairway down to the creek now and so you don't have to scale treacherous rocks to get down the hill anymore, which is good when you are us! We got the bottom and discovered that to get to the waterfall we would have to find safe passage across the "raging" waters and stay dry. Well you can see for yourself how well that worked. I can say, I stayed pretty dry, I can also say I hate wet tennis shoes! But we had on our backpacks, 3 of them, one for me to carry, it had food, waters and diapers and camera in it. Izzy's had towels, Xander's had his toys. Cause if we are all going to have our backpacks then he had to have his too. It was cute he wouldn't leave the house without it. But of course Xander was also the first one to fall "victim" to the water. Ya he was so upset!!!

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