Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tournament now involves a family...

So we went to Tournament in Sept. the weekend before Xan's birthday and here are some pics from it. Izzy for the first time placed 2nd and the only reason she did was because the other girl she was against a girl who was doing a more advanced form, and they gave her the points. Andy and I both placed. We originally were in the same group but they split us into men and women groups. Andy placed 3rd, I placed 1st in one steps. We didnt place in our forms. No surprise on my part, Andy blames his on stepping out of bounds, which is very possible. Izzy placed 2nd in forms, 3rd in weapons which is really good considering that she had only been working her staff again for 2 weeks and she was terrribly distracted by the big jumpy thing in the other side of the gym, and 2nd in one steps. I love competing again, I did forget how grumpy I get when I do compete. Sorry. Can't help it. I am not a gracious loser. Gee I wonder where Izzy gets it?

The guy in the pic with Andy is from our school. His name is Jeremy. He cleaned up!
We don't have a pic of me with my trophy and the pics Izzy took of my onesteps are far from flattering So here is a pic of me sitting with my tournament buddy Debbie from Tennessee. We have a blast together.

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