Friday, November 13, 2009

Xander turns 6!!!

Xander turned 6 on September 16th 2009! How did he get so big? We all (Xander, Izzy, Dimon, Andy, Ti-Chi, Che-Chi (both Andy's parents), Nana, Papa (my parents), Uncle Ryan, and me, went to Great Times in Indy. It is a super fun and everyone should go at least once. They have a huge arcade where of course you can earn tickets to get prizes, and they also traditional arcade games like Pac-Man. They also have a go kart track, water bumper boats, and a huge tunnel ball pit thing. We went up on the Sunday after his birthday. It was great. We had his cake, a cars cake of course there at the arcade and then a few hours of playing and then to dinner. So my little boy is not so little anymore. Makes me sad . But I know he has to grow up. This is was harder than Izzy's last party where she turne 7. I'm not sure why but it was. Maybe its because I still call him my baby and he doesn't protest it. But he will forever be my little Xander man, who is the bestest little baby Xander in the whole wide world?

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