Wednesday, October 22, 2008

so what else has happened?

Well Andy wrecked the car. (Silver Van) Mind you my green van has been in the shop for the last 3 months, lets not talk about that one. No everyone is fine, Dimon even slept through it. A bug or a rock, not sure which, flew into the window and hit Andy in the eye, he swerved and had an argument with a speed limit sign. It took the bug/rain sheild on the passenger side. ripped off the black tire thing (over the wheel well), and prety much took out the whole panel. It looks like someone just took a knife and cut the metal. I'll put pictures up shortly. But that happened last Friday, Oct 17. Now 2 days before that Lillian was in a wreck where a really stupid girl ran a red light and Lil couldn't stop and hit her! As she said "Its a good thing that I drive a big damn truck!" She is fine, but her car is in the shop now. And the Sunday before that my mom hit a curb and ripped the tire, and tried to take the undercariage off! Everyone agian is fine, but the cars are not safe in our family right now.

Oh and then on Saturday the 18th, our washing machine quit working! It just filled up with water, while there was a load in it, and just stopped. Just sat there. When we found it we assumed that the button had gotton hit and just stopped it. So I restarted it and guess what, it just kept filling with water! Needless to say the floor got mopped. It just kept filling and overflowing. So I bailed water out about half way,, called Andy told him, and tried the spin cycle, it wouldn't spin. Huh?!?!?!?!?!?!? SO...... we wait a day, try agian, same thing, only this time, the thing will spin, but the water just starts flying out, the best water fight in history is what that thing was trying to win.
So since it wouldn't drain and was now spinning out of control we decided that we were going to have to call around and find a repair man, guess what, a repair man visit runs about $100, plus labor, plus parts, we can buy a new washer for the trouble. So we start looking.
Well lucky for us Lowes swooped in and saved the day! We now have a beautiful new washer sitting in our laundry room! However, not all things are perfect.... it is a beautiful front load washer, but it opens up right into the furnace! So right now we are trying to figure out how to solve that problem. But it will all end up well right??????????

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