Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tournament results

Bloomington ATA Martial Arts recently took 35 students to the regional tournament in Terre Haute. Participants were, from left to right, front row: Lane Barnes, Kaiden Bosstick, Jordan Messina, Lily Cooper and Bryce Raper; second row: Alex Kritzer, Dakota Black, Izzy Bartlett, Claire Freeman, Sabrina Bosstick, Tyler Goff, Tanner Goff and Dylan Robertson; third row: Leo Olavarrieta, Ethan Zaleski, Sydney Way, Lydia Freeman, Cordell Perian, Kacey Merrifield, Davin Crockett, Lindsey Way and Jacob Breedlove; back row: Charlise Pate, Riley Allen, Carl Factora, Mr. Wolfe, Jon Wolfe, Cody Gearhart, Jacqline Wolfe, Brynn Bosstick and Lauren Bosstick. Courtesy photo
this was in the paper today!

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