Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Wreck of the Black Cat

How many people do you know that love halloween so much they build a shipwrieck in thier front yard? Now you know of at least 2.... mostly 1, but I did help him. This is the wreck of the Black Cat. Under construction here....

I couldn't take pics of the skeleton of the boat, because I just plain forgot. But it is made from old parts of a trampoline and 2 poles from out hammock holder. Its amazing what people have lying around their garage. (Especially us....) While the wreck is still a little under construction it will be finished in the next 2 days..... it has to be! And no, we have no idea what we are going to do with it afterwards. But right now it is the most awesome clubhouse the kdis can have, they crawl under the front of it, between the "rocks" and sit under the ship and play. Its so fun! I'll post more pics when its finished.

We had to age the flag and the best way was to have a flag burning! Dad helped build the whole thing, but Andy did most of the work himself. Lillian helped name it, and the kids tried to get themselves painted brown a lot when the painting was going on! Its been fun.

Why a pirate ship you may ask? Because how else do you have a Pirate Halloween Party (On the Day of the Dead, Nov 1st) without a pirate ship? More on that later

Ahoy me hardies!!! Yo ho, yo ho A Pirates life for me!

1 comment:

Amy said...

You guys are my kind of peeps I tell ya. Halloween is my favorite!!!! How fun! Looks like you could have a second career in Hollywood as set builders, for sure!

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