Thursday, March 18, 2010

long time no post

Ok so I suck at this right now. I've posted nothing since November. I'm awful. Anyway here are a few updates:
1. I'm still substitute teaching at Highland Park Preschool (Been there since Dec, covering maternity leave for a friend).
~ Found out that if I had my teachers license I would be paid teacher pay, not the lousy $60 a day i get. (not that I'm not grateful for the cash, I just want to burn down the IU school of Ed for kicking me out!)
2. Andy is still working as a CNA, I think he still likes it, however I think he works in the most dysfunctional place on the planet! His workplace stories are scary! First there was the manager or whatever he was that OD's in his office, then there was the woman who lost her kids because her boyfriend ran a meth lab out of their house!!! HELLO!!! the stories wind down slightly after that but they are interesting.
3.Dimon is thriving in school! You would never know this child ever had delayed speech. He is talking, talking and more talking, even in his sleep. We get sentences that are 6-8 words long!!!!!!!!! It took us til Izzy was 5 to hear that! Loving the appropriate-school models at Clear Creek Preschool! Plus the teachers are amazing!!!!
4. Xander too is just taling up a storm! He is up to about 50 really usable vocab words that he uses at school and home. However communication is still a barrier, but we are getting there! We are so excited with his progress! His teachers are awesome his therapist rock and of course his family is the best ever..... (hehehehe)
5. Izzy is doing great in school and she is now a decided purple belt in tae kwon do! She is so precious, I don't know what we would do without her. She is so sweet. She can hug me and makes my whole day better. She is so sweet and loving!
that is the short and the sweet.


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