Thursday, March 18, 2010

Srping Break 2010... so far

SO Spring Break this year is not nearly as exciting,
but we are still having fun. (and sleeping in, mommy
is loving this part!) We have been the zoo,
which was still on winter pricing! SCORE!
We went with Candi (mom) and Isabella friends
from tae kwon do. (So those are the 2 other people here!
We had fun. We also found out it is very expenseive
to leave you packed lunch in the car and buy it instead.
We spend roughly $50 for all 7 of us to get into the zoo for
the day, we spent almost $85-$90 on lunch!!! YIKES!
But we saw all kinds of cool things. Bears wrestling,
a posing walrus, he was really cool!
Baby giraffes,

baby baboons, and dancing dolphins. (they were by far Xander's fave!
We had a really good time, and later on in the day we all went to tae kwon do and wanted to drop. Great day!

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