Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dimon is 2!!!!!!!

Yes my other baby is no longer a baby. Our little Demon, I mean Dimon is now 2! We had a little family party for him. Although both Grandma's were missing. But we had fun anyway. He blew out his candles one by one with a little bit of assistance, but it was too cute! As you can see he loves Wall-E. So he got a Wall-E cake which he loved the little Wall-E and Eva off of. I think we could have just given him that and he would have been happy. He wouldn't put them down the rest of the night. We also experianced what happens when you have several gifts for one two year old, he likes the first thing he gets and could not care less about any of the rest. The good point is that a few days later he's just as surprised when we hand him a toy he doesn't remember getting. ha ha ha! Still he had a good time and if wall-e was on anything it did earn recognition and interest, but as you can see from the pictures, those cake toppers were the best thing ever. Thanxs to all who came and I hope you enjoy "dance-e-dance time!"

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