Thursday, November 20, 2008

Izzy's new belt!

So, Izzy has now graduated again in Tae Kwon Do. She is now a white-red belt. (A white belt with a red stripe in the middle.) She also in the last few weeks has become a member of the Leadership program and is now learning weapons! Yes we gave her a weapon and she is learning to spar with it. They just finished with the short staff, bong-loungi (I know I just spelled that wrong, but at least I spelled it phonetically) anyway, she is now working with a true staff. (A long staff!) She is really good with it too.
But here are some pics from Graduation!!!!!!!!!! First is Izzy bowing in before running through her forms. Her Master is in the back behind her there. (Mrs. Bosstick) THen there is Andy, Nana, Chi-Chi, and Te-chi on the sidelines. (Papa and Uncle Ryan are in the lobby wrestling the boys.)

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