Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween Party

Here are pics from the November 1st Pirate Party! We all dressed up and some friends of Izzy's came over and we played games and ate pizza and cake. Goodtimes!

The first game we played was catch the gummi worm. We tied gummi worms by fishing line and tied them to the swing set. They had to see who could catch the worm first. Then me and Andy did it, he cheats! (His response.... "Pirate!" Such a dork! Yes he won.

Next game was stick the eye patch on the pirate flag. That was interesting, the little buggers could see through the hankerchief! Little pirates! scallywags the lot of 'em!!!! Here was the result of that.

SOme of the crew didnt' make it to the party, but passed out.
While others ran frantically searched for the treasure!!!!!!!!!!!

All of which is adorable and on video. SO only a small clip of victory will be showcased here.


Then after the treasure hunt we had to break the treasure box open.

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