Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yo Ho, Yo Ho a pirates life for us!

So I told you we were all going to be pirates for Halloween. (Of course I was a wench, but I was a pirate wench. Needless to say I could have sucked in my stomach and made picture a wee bit more flattering to myself, but hey when your a wench!) Anyway this is before we set out with Nana, Papa, Uncle Ryan, none of whom had the decency to dress up this year! (Some excuse about being in the middle of a move or something lame like that) However Audrey and Israel didn't disappoint, well Audrey didn't, Israel dressed as a dork! Nathan was Batman and Juli was a Giraffe! Cuteness!
Izzy was the first mate, while Andy was Cap't Blackbeard, Xander was the cabin boy, while Dimon was the littlest pirate in training.

But we had fun here is a pic of Audrey and Israel just because she posed for it! and one of Dimon after we hit a few homes.


Amy said...

Arrr! Ye look mighty yar! What's this about moving?

Bartlett Family said...

mom and dad moved this weekend to another house about a mile away from where they lived before.

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