Friday, January 9, 2009

Probably one of the few political things you'll ever see here

1st up Autism Medicaid Waiver.

***ALERT: Make sure your VOTE counts. Click on the number to the left with "Vote" under it – it will change to “Voted”. Registering on this site and posting a comment is not a vote!***

National Priority for the Economic Stimulus Package: Fully Fund Medicaid

Funding health care and services for individuals with developmental disabilities, disabilities and the elderly creates jobs, careers, business opportunities while filling a critical need.

I propose that the federal government:
1. Fully fund the Medicaid Waiver Program as part of the next Economic Stimulus Package.
2. Consider this as an increased federal match so that states are not put into an impossible situation.
3. Create portability of services across states and counties as is allowed with Medicare and Social Security.

*Across America, an estimated 300,000 people cannot obtain essential support to live and work in the community because of lack of funding.

*Institutional care costs $88-$225,000 per person per year depending on the level of care. Community-based care costs $20-$75,000 per year (varies by state and level of care).

* Waivers are not portable. Families cannot move out of state or even out of their current county in some places for military duty, to accept jobs, or to live closer to family because they must go to the bottom of decades-long waiting lists at their new location.

Benefits of this proposal:
1). Job creation in the form of service providers. $12-$15B per year would create an estimated 244,000 jobs.
2). Community living costs less than institutionalization.
3). Parents and affected individuals can return to their careers, earn income, pay taxes and obtain health insurance.
4). Some families will come off public assistance which reduces overall tax burden.
5). Families will be able to move to accept new jobs or military assignments.
6). Improved health of affected people and caregivers.
7). Reduced financial burden on aging parents.

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Hello Everyone:

We are now about half way through second phase of voting on > to bring attention to funding medicaid waivers as part of the new economic stimulus package. If we make it to
the top 10, our idea will be presented to the new administration at a press conference at the National Press Club. We are #20 and need an immediate infusion of 1400 votes to get to #10, then we need to continue to keep pace with the other ideas.
We have had tremendous support from many organizations that are endorsing this idea. You can also submit your endorsement on the site. Most of all, however, we need many votes.

Please tell send an email to your listserv if you have one and as many contacts as possible to vote:
http://www.change. org/ideas/ view/fully_ fund_medicaid_ waivers_for_ the_developmenta lly_disabled

Voting Ends January 15.

People need to know that a vote only registers if they click on the number at the top of the page. Commenting is great, but it does not register a vote. We have over 400 comments from families across the country.

Thanks for helping if you can,
Renee Beauregard
Aurora, CO
Next up..... going green.....
Replace the South Lawn of the White House with an Organic Garden.

In a recent New York Times Magazine article, Michael Pollan, author of “In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto," suggested that the next "Farmer in Chief" replace the South Lawn of the White House with an organic garden. The move would be intended to a) reduce the unnecessary use of petrochemicals and overuse of water on maintaining the lawn b) provide food for regional food banks and c) "[build] on America’s agrarian past [while turning] it toward a more sustainable, sophisticated future."

I strongly encourage Mr. Obama to take Mr. Pollan's sound, thoughtful advice.

"The Autism Reform Act of 2009"

As a country we have watched Autism Spectrum Disorders grow in a devastating number. there are over 560K Children, approx. 1 mil. total in the U.S. with A.S.D.'s. In the last decade it has spiraled so quickly out of control that:

1.) There must not just be one person but an ENTIRE U.S. OFFICE OF COMPLIANCE.

2.) The use of Time Out Rooms, Corporal punishments, uncalled for Restraint(unauthorized by parent) must be STOPPED NOW with severe fines and convictions.

3.) States must each have an "A.R.A. compliance office" or forfiet funds made available through this ACT.

4.) Due Process Hearing Officers shall be employed by the Federal Government ONLY.

5.) Insurance companies and School Districts must collaberate to provide the Early Interventions at no cost to parents.

6.) Speech/Language, O.T., Sensory Integration, and other therapies must be made available.

7.) Protection and Advocacy MUST be funded properly.

8.) Grants must be made for Education, Research, and Non Profits re; A.S.D.'s.

9.) Relief for parents who have paid out of pocket to educate their children must be made swiftly with 100% reimbursement.

10.) Behavior Intervention Plans must accompany all Individual Education Plans even if it is to state " No Behaviors ".

11.) Testing at parent or adult discretion re: toxins that may affect an individuals ability to learn or live functionally.

12.) Insurance companies must make available all resources for children and adults with A.S.D.'s deemed necessary by their physician.

13.) Non Attorney Advocates and Self Advocates are recognized.

14.) This Reform Act must be 'open' for additions as needed and create a panel of 15 Indiduals - Adults w/Autism, Parents, and Specialists. We May Not agree on all of this BUT, ONE THING WE MUST ALL AGREE ON - AUTISM REFORM !

All 3 of these are on, you have to sign up for an account and then confirm it, then you can vote. But I think this may be one of the few times I'll do something like this. Andy I think they are worth looking at. Especially when it only costs you a few minutes on the computer. Thats my political rant. I'm dont now. love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!

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