Thursday, January 1, 2009

Snowflake Festival

December 13Th (Saturday)
So, another thing that happens around here in December is The Snow Flake Festival. This is put on by the Children's Therapy Clinic, which

is where both Izzy and Xan go once a week, Xan for Speech and Occupational therapy, Izzy for Speech. These people are amazing. The efforts that go into this to make the kids happy and enjoy themselves is just...... wow. Last year when they went they had a great time. This year we were a little later and didn't have time to make ornaments. But we played all the games, saw Santa, got presents and had a very sugary breakfast. And we actually have a good family pic!!!!!!!!! Thanks to one really nice therapist!!!!!!!! Then we took pictures with all of the kids therapists. Izzy and Callie ( I hope I spelled that right!) And Xander with Emily and RRachel and Marlene. The kids had a great time and so did we. This year it was held at the Ivy Tech banquet hall. (Cafeteria I think) but it was a huge space and really nice!!!!!!!!! We want to thank all the people who worked so hard and help our kids so much!!!!!!!!!

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